Whilst Siv Jakobsen writes with a melancholic air to her emotive and vulnerable songwriting, her music also offers a glowing comfort and solace. In the lilting grace, the tender honesty and sonic clarity of her sound Jakobsen exudes an inviting warmth. Ahead of releasing her striking, and aptly titled, new record A Temporary Soothing tomorrow, the Norweigan musician shares five tracks that have influenced her.

Populated with glacial and ethereal textures A Temporary Soothing offers a space of ephemeral catharsis. There are sparse, fragile moments like on the bittersweet closing track ‘I Call It Love’, whilst the sounds of ‘Island’ shine with a breezy and bright lightness. Across the album, Jakobsen elicits deeply nuanced multitudes of emotion, as her music is at once lofty, hopeful, intricate, and wistful in abundance. What leaves the most poignant lasting impression on A Temporary Soothing, however, is the overarching peace; even as she grapples with anxieties and painful reflections Jakobsen does so with a celestial serenity. And this atmosphere pervades the whole record, offering up intricate depths of quiet magic and wonder to immerse yourself in.

Get to know Siv Jakobsen In Five…

Gregory Alan Isakov – Chemicals

I listened to this song on repeat when it came out summer of 2018. It inspired me musically, lyrically, sonically – to me its the perfect song. Gregory writes so vividly, which is something I strive for in my writing, and I keep coming back to this song for that reason.

Ane Brun – Undertow

I’ve listened to Ane Brun for well over a decade now, her songs have inspired throughout the writing and recording of all my releases. This song is so intimate and so grand-sounding at the same time, which was something I really wanted to play with on A Temporary Soothing. It’s one of my all time favourite songs, one of those I keep coming back to again and again.

Ben Howard – Depth over Distance

This is the song that led me to work with my producer Chris Bond, who also produced Depth over Distance. It’s so stunningly captured on the recording, it sounds completely unique and familiar and so creative, all at the same time. I knew I needed to see if Chris would work with me after hearing this track, and lucky for me he agreed to work with me.

boygenius – Me and My Dog

boygenius’ record hit me like a punch in the gut when it came out. I love the intensity of this song, it feels to me like an intense release of a big jumble of emotions. It’s uplifting, sad, frustrated, longing, angry – all in one. I felt very much like many of the songs on A Temporary Soothing had so many layers to them, and it can be really hard to somehow represent each nuance on record. I feel like this song does that so well, and it became a big reference in that regard for my album.

Lisa Hannigan – Ora

I love Lisa’s album At Swim and this song’s sonics in particular stuck with me when I was trying to articulate a sonic palette of inspiration for A Temporary Soothing. It’s close and massive at the same time, just like Ane Brun’s Undertow.

Buy: A Temporary Soothing – out tomorrow (21st August).