Curated by Carly Wilford & a team of tastemakers, SISTER links the UK and US dance scenes, smashing up heavy bass lines with hip-hop, grime and alternative beats.

Tonight, SISTER plays the Roundhouse as part of their Roundhouse Rising Festival alongside Boko Boko, InGoodCompany, K2rah, Born n Bred & Millenial SS – a night where the six collectives go head to head to see who’ll be crowned Soundclash Champion.

Here Carly shares some of her favourite tracks of the other artists performing.

Boko Boko

Sir Spyro is a legend in the game when it comes to the Grime scene. This track is a dance floor slayer and this heavy remix of this track could well and truly win over the crowd for Boko Boko.


Anything by Justin Timberlake is always a good idea. InGoodCompany’s edit of ‘Like I Love You’ is super smooth, especially when the saxophone kicks in. A slow jam for days.


Fox – Big Man Ting

This track is exactly what sound clashes were made for. Fox’s sharp lyrics smashed together with authentic dancehall drums are everything. This track has to go down.

Born & Bred

Future – Too Much Sauce ft. Lil Uzi Vert

A track that has united club land the world over is sure to be a go to for Born and Bred. Future & Lil Uzi Vert are two artists who can’t seem to put a foot wrong and have collected their very own cult following.


No Security – Skepta

The lyrics in this track represent the ultimate SISTER mindset heading in to the clash. We all have the upmost respect for Skepta, what he stands for and what he has achieved. The ‘No Security’ mentality will carry us through every round.

SISTER plays Roundhouse Rising Festival, 17th February (tonight!).