About seven years ago or so I rented out my room in my flat in Gothenburg that I shared with a friend. I was going on tour with a band and we were gonna stay out for a month. I was really excited and happy to leave the grey and cold Gothenburg behind for new adventures in the “big world”. Two days into the tour a couple of people from the band and crew got Norwalkinfektion (basically a really bad stomach sickness, throwing up and stuff like that). We had to cancel the whole tour and got stuck in an Irish trucker place with our tour bus while we were waiting for plane tickets home, etc. Since I had already subletted out my room, and also had been looking forward to finally leaving Gothenburg for new adventures, I wasn’t sure what to do. So I decided to go back to London with the tour bus and just visit an old friend who lived there. When I got there my friend was just about to leave for some vacation in Scotland so I got the whole apartment to myself. It felt exciting to be alone in this big city and I walked around a lot.

One day I went to an art gallery and there was a woman who sold tickets for the exhibition. There was some kind of vibe going on, and I walked around looking at the paintings or photos or whatever it was. I pretended to be very interested and deeply moved by the art. Maybe I really was? I can’t remember. The next day I came back and it was the same thing over again. Me thinking it was magic in the air between us and me once again deeply moved by the art hanging on the walls. I had never asked anyone out just like that. To me it felt more like a movie: in a big city, in an art gallery, asking someone out. I was really nervous but finally I asked her. She said ‘yes’. When we started talking it was obvious that there was no vibe. She was very nice but all this ‘electricity’ was nowhere to be found. We had a burger and a beer. The next day I flew home.

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