As Shiv releases ‘Hold Me’, the second single from her upcoming debut EP, today, she takes us through a stunning visual diary of her time recording in Southern Africa with her family.

A striking, breezy, and warm R&B cut, ‘Hold Me’ displays Shiv’s intricate and intimate songwriting prowess. The track flows with mellifluous elegance as Shiv weaves voice clips from her parents together with celestial instrumentals, suave, resplendent saxophone melodies, and her own emotive, soulful vocals. As she sings of longing to hug her parents, Shiv offers a welcoming sonic embrace with ‘Hold Me’, and the track exudes a sublime, sentimental serenity.

“Sometimes you just need a hug from your parents. My parents both live in Malawi in Southern Africa, so getting hugs on demand isn’t an option for me, and sometimes it’s all you need,” Shiv states. “Their support on this career choice has been infallible, and often when I consider the risk I’m taking and the hard work that is essential to this career path, that endless support is always such a comfort.”

‘Hold Me’ follows on from previous single ‘You & I’, both taken from Shiv’s debut EP Me 2 Me out later this year.

Delve into Shiv’s In Photos below.

My photo series will explore a pivotal and enriching time in my life, the time I spent in Southern Africa with my parents writing, producing and recording my first releases, and my upcoming release, Hold Me.

I spent six weeks in Mozambique, where my parents lived for some time, writing, recording and learning about production. This was my makeshift studio.. After I had set myself up, my dad added his own touch – “Welcome to Shivi’s Studio Extraordinaire!”

The sweetest and most encouraging muses – my upcoming single is about my parents. They have endless amounts of support and encouragement for me in almost everything I do. Spending quality time with them I feel was part of the reason I felt so creatively free.

Tea and chats with my Papa <3

Mid-writing (featuring some tan lines 🙂 ) I wrote my first singles Golden, Over and Here in this period too, along with some others that I had wanted to include on the first version of my EP. Hold Me was a song I had fallen out of love with until recently, but I’m really excited for it to be out in the world…

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After I had finished writing and recording my tracks, my parents and I got the opportunity to travel to Cape Town to spend some time with my family. That allowed for a lot of time to reflect.. And a lot of beautiful walks.

Towards the end of my trip, I had realised what an enriching experience my time had been. I had managed to learn enough production to support my songwriting, written and recorded six songs, and spent a whooooole lotta time with my parents. Sometimes it’s difficult being so far away from them, because there are times when you just need your parents to let you know everything will be ok, but it makes the time I do manage to spend with them all the more precious. My next single, Hold Me, explores this theme.

‘Hold Me’ is out now.

Photo credit: Joshua Mulholland