19th January – PNKSLM

ShitKid, the moniker of Sweden’s Åsa Söderqvist, shows no sign of slowing down as she returns with This Is It, coming hot on the heels of her debut album in June. Her third EP since beginning the project in 2016 builds upon the lo-fi eccentricity that has had her hailed as an ‘anti-popstar’ whilst expanding her musical palette to create her most impressive release yet.

Whilst continuing to record in her bedroom, Åsa swaps the catchy guitar riffs of previous releases for haunting, moody vocals on opening track ‘Favourite Thing’ and a driving bass synth on ‘Oh Me I’m Never’. Despite its simplicity, the change of timbre produces a fuller sound that is more engrossing and contrasts against ShitKid’s previous work, which embraced the rawer, sparser aesthetics of DIY music. Self-produced by Åsa, this stylistic change indicates her growing confidence as both musician and producer whereas ‘All My Fears’, ‘High Way’ and ‘Spring Theory’, showcase her skill as a songwriter as well as her ear for catchy pop melodies and angular guitar hooks that’s reminiscent of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

‘Yooouuu’, the EP’s final track and ShitKid’s latest single is a change of pace, with a restrained bassline that complements the solemn resolve to leave a relationship that is expressed in the lyrics. It reveals a new, vulnerable side to ShitKid that is distinct from the spunky, irreverent songs she began this project with but it marks a growth that is just as engaging.

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