One time we were playing in London and I was waiting to be interviewed in some sort of green room. I saw a really tall guy with a lot of face tattoos and asked him for cigarettes. But then I saw he was smoking weed so I asked for weed instead. He gave me weed to smoke/inhale and said he could take me into a VIP room. It was pretty cool. He told me he was a tattoo artist with 70k followers on instagram and I got impressed and was looking for a shout out. I asked him if his dick was tattooed and he said “yes, even the head”. I asked him if it hurt and he said he’d been a heroinist so nothing hurt anymore. After the interview he invited me and my bandmate Linda and a really famous young artist named Moa Romanova (@moaromanova) who is making a documentary about us to his apartment. It was a really nice apartment, not fancy but a good feeling and nice feng shui. He gave us some nice t-shirts and gave us lemonade and weed. Then he said that we had to meet Georgie and went into a room and came out with a really big bunny. It was so soft and a bit skittish. We then laid on the floor petting the bunny and making its fur jiggle and the bunny seemed to like it. Then the young artist got too high and was a bit freaked out and had to go home. Linda disappeared after the gig and we found her the day after outside a church eating a bag of crisps and a sandwich. We almost missed our flight but we didn’t. It was a hahaha-really good time. The word count is at 287 now so I can also tell you that we met a really cool guy in a park outside Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush. He was also very tall. 6’5″. I remember this because he added his number to my phone as 6’5″.

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