ShitKid have taken on many musical guises since their formation in 2015. What began as a weird genre-less solo project of Asa Söderqvist soon became a full band, recruiting Lina Molarin Eriksson to put aside experimentation for a while on most recent album [Detention], which acted as a concept album about the rollercoaster of high school life, a pop-punk love letter of sorts to bands such as Green Day, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.

Elements of that bratty ‘nobody gets me’ angst spill over into their latest effort, the high-energy English-Swedish double album Duo Limbo/Mellan himmel å helvete (the latter part of the album’s title translating roughly to ‘Between Heaven and Hell’). “I need some fucking anger management!” they scream on the aptly titled ‘Anger MGMT’, while a spoken interlude called ‘Should I Get Some Beer Or What?’ sees the duo simply ask that question before ‘Eagles Over America’ commences, a slightly bizarre song that sees the band name-checking American stereotypes (‘red white and blue’, ‘riding in a pick-up truck’, ‘checking into a motel’) over a heavy, chugging guitar line.

The result is a noisy, fun project, made in homage to many Swedish artists in the 60s who used to cover English-language songs in their native language to leave their own marks on the songs. Although the results are a bit too eclectic and random at times to feel like a well-rounded album, you get the sense with ShitKid that’s the sort of thing they wanted you to expect.

Photo by Milkdrop Studio.

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Live: Rough Trade East on February 5th and The Old Blue Last on February 8th