September Girls – Cursing The Sea // Album Review

september girls

Fortuna Pop // January 13th

Drenched in reverb, filtered through sketchy radio waves, full of skittering vocals and boasting vivacious and vicious melodies, ‘Cursing The Sea’ is an album that stamps, skews and slices its way through jagged dimensions. Devilish tongues on first single ‘Heartbeats’ fizz along over contorted strings and the drag of the guitar, the serrated riffage that cuts through the hazy vocals and metronomic bass beats on ‘Ships’ jolts like a crashing wave, and ‘Sister’ takes deliberate urging over a hammer beat to pleasingly assassinate the ear. Rich and dark, fragments of experiences and minds of the Dublin five piece blur to create an entity shifting, transient and vibrant. As the title suggests the album is equal parts powerful and soothing, unified and adrift, unknown but familiar – and spectacular.


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