City Slang – December 14th

Dropped without any warning last month, On Reflection is the debut album of Selling, a duo comprised of Jas Shaw, half of Simian Mobile Disco, and Derwin Dicker, better known as Gold Panda. For a record that was birthed out of just “mucking around”, it ranks as one of the year’s best.

Derwin approached the project having only ever recorded solo, while Shaw breaks away from lifelong collaborator James Ford, and the pair found their new-found partnership to be immediate in exploring the territory of hard techno. Eventually chopped down to nine dense tracks, the intensity is dialled down in favour of lush soundscapes, most notably on ‘Keeping Txme’ and ‘No Reflection’. But ‘Dicker’s Dream’ remains the highlight, an eight minute odyssey of woozy, unfurling electronic bliss.

Photo by Laura Lewis.

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