Since the release of her incredible debut single ‘Skoowup’ last year, Scuti has been making waves with her hypnotic and dynamic sound, gathering something of a cult following of fans within the UK’s underground scene. Ahead of her much-anticipated debut mixtape dropping later this month, we caught up with Scuti to talk Travis Scott, The Haggerston and her fave dish to cook.

On new single ‘You Know’ Scuti’s melodic, glacial bars fully flex the 19-year-old South London rapper’s astute lyrical prowess. Her distinctive flow is punctuated by sleek lo-fi beats and hazy melodic instrumentals crafting a serene yet heady blend. A mellow, sharp and resplendent cut, ‘You Know’ captures the vibrancy of the city within which Scuti’s nurtured her sound along with the classic hip-hop that’s influenced her and we can’t wait to hear the full mixtape soon.

Speaking on the accompanying visuals Scuti says “Due to lockdown, we couldn’t make the big production video we had in mind but I had the idea of paying homage to the foundation UK Rap & Grime videos from the Channel U era that I watched as a child back in the day and got Delphino on board to do something in the spirit of those classics”. 

Ahead of releasing This Is Skoo on July 17th, get to know Scuti In Short…

Three words to describe my music… Calm, Free & Special

Last photo on your phone…

Favourite instagram account… Youngblackmale

The best venue I’ve played… The Haggerston

The worst job I’ve ever had… The roads

The thing I most love to cook is… Chicken, rice&peas, coleslaw etc.

My Favourite word… Calm

A book I love… Naughts and crosses

Things that cheer me up… When people smile

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be… Heaven

I think you should listen to… Downers by Greentea Peng

If I could see anyone play live it would be… Travis Scott

Scuti’s debut mixtape ‘This Is Skoo’ is out now.