Copenhagen’s music scene is truly the gift that keeps on giving with a constant wealth of diverse and pioneering acts coming out of the city. Dwelling in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, School of X is one such artist; we caught up with him to find out about five of his fave contemporaries coming out of the district.

Taking his creative moniker from Copenhagen’s anti-establishment art school from the 60s, Eksskole, Rasmus Littauer emphasises the core ethos of being “about learning from each other and being progressive”, something that seems very much integral within his own work. Living and working within Nørrebro, he regularly works with MØ, as well as being part of a vibrant music community – as he highlights below.

His latest release Destiny showcases School Of X’s aptitude for crafting infinitely suave, dreamy tracks and further emphasises the collaborative essence of his work as his brothers both feature on the EP alongside Ana Perrote, and fellow Copenhagen musician Rune Risager. Swirling electronica blends with delicate guitar melodies and School Of X’s dulcet, melancholic vocals. Later this month he also releases a remix album of sorts, Interpretations Of Destiny, which features interpretations from Trentemøller, Soleima and more.

Get to know the best of Nørrebro, Copenhagen courtesy of School of X…

Liss – Vibrations

I’ve known these boys since they were very young. They’re like smaller brothers to me and my actual younger brother, Yangze is always playing with them. This song is fantastic I think!

Yangze – Event Horizon

Yangze is my brother. He is a genius and he just released an EP via Escho and it’s the masterpiece of the year. Check it out!!!

Erika De Casier – Puppy Love

Fantastic new album ‘Essentials’ from Erika. I love the lyrics in this song, they’re so optimistic. I also think the vocal sound is pretty stunning on this track.

When Saints Go Machine – Reflection of You (Bloodshot)

I’ve been a fan for forever and I don’t think they’ve ever disappointed with any of their releases. This new album ’So Deep’ is another masterpiece from the trio.

Goss – Blood

This is the most recent track from Goss and it is one of his best ever in my opinion. He’s one of the best entertainers I’ve seen perform on a stage and I’ve seen quite a bit. I have also had the pleasure of touring with Mads for 3 years in his previous band Reptile Youth and we had the time of our lives. I can’t wait for him to release more new music.

MØ – Bullet With Butterfly Wings (The full version)

I’ve been working with Karen (MØ) for almost 7 years as her music director and as a live member in her band. This song we did together and I think it shows what a unique musical communicator she is. She could sing songs without words and you would know what it was about just from the sound of her voice.

Destiny is out now.