Whimsical melodies and dreamy harmonies are all well and good, but there are times when only abrasive feedback and skull-caving beats will suffice. If, for you, that time is now, SCALPING’s brutal, scorched earth approach should be just the thing to frazzle your synapses.

Pushing the boundaries of a traditional band set-up, the Bristol-based quartet make pulverising, techno-tinged EBM that sounds like some thrilling, mutant hybrid of Factory Floor, Death In Vegas and Fuck Buttons. In fact, they’ve already won the approval of one half of the latter, having recently opened for Blanck Mass, as well as Black Midi and Marie Davidson.

All three of the instrumentals they’ve released this year have been killer, but latest track ‘Ruptured’ is their filthiest so far, featuring a sinuous groove that slices through throbbing, acid-tinged synths and a thick fog of guitar distortion. It’s anarchic and brutal, but most of all it’s fun; the kind of music to get lost in on the dance-floor.

Live, SCALPING are a must-see, capable of giving any venue’s subwoofers a thorough work-out. Combine this blistering wall of noise with disorientating projections by visual artist/honorary band member Jason Baker, and the whole experience is deeply unsettling. In the best possible sense.

Photo by Rowan Allen.

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