Sarah Walk’s striking, unfiltered and poetic lyricism is at once beautifully disarming and hauntingly vulnerable. Ahead of releasing her sophomore record Another Me tomorrow, Walk shares five tracks that have influenced and impacted her.

From the first stark, powerful utterances of ‘Unravel’, Walk’s intentions are clear as she resolves to carve out and hold a space of her own in the world. Another Me strides in with the line “Nothing’s hurt me more than men that grew up with no consequences, why is it my job to fix this mess? You’re always ready to defend, you hear my concern as anger, and no-one wants an angry woman”, a decisive, poignant and pertinent takedown of institutionalised patriarchy that decisively sets the tone for her new record. Even as Walk lays out her most intimate anxieties and vulnerabilities she does so with a forthright lucidity on these tracks.

Sonically, also, Another Me offers an assuredly evolved sonic palette, exploring stirring, soaring pop soundscapes on ‘What Do I Want?’, whilst ‘The Key’ melds visceral, propulsive blues-tinged riffs with shimmering, cosmic synth melodies. Speaking on the record, Walk expresses “The songs on my first album were a means to survive the immediate, and my songs on this album have been a journey in learning how to take up space and thrive in the long term.” With this album, Walk invites us into this deeply intimate process of personal metamorphosis. Another Me not only sees Walk take up this space for herself but also hold this space for others for whom the marginalization and experiences she details resonate.

Get to know Sarah Walk In Five…

Joni Mitchell – Woman of Heart and Mind

It actually wasn’t Joni’s music that first resonated with me, it was reading interviews with her and seeing her lyrics on the page. I’ll never forget when I stumbled Malka Marom’s book of interviews with her at a Barnes and Noble called ‘In Her Own Words’. From page 1 I couldn’t put the book down – I absorbed every word of hers like she said it just for me. I traveled around with that book everywhere I went for about 3 years. Joni changed my world.

Radiohead – Airbag

When I was 13 or 14, I asked my mom to drive me to buy ‘Kid A’ because I kept reading that it was one of the best albums ever made. I remember feeling so confused and let down when I first heard it – I thought it made no sense. But I kept trying to understand it, and after five listens it began to blow my mind. I had never had that relationship to music before, where sounds and songs challenge you and your expectations of what they could & should be. I became completely obsessed with them, and OK Computer was my companion through the most difficult and developing years of my teens. I know this entire album inside and out and it never gets old.

Jensen McRae – White Boy

Jensen is a recent discovery for me – I was driving in LA with the radio on very quietly and heard her voice barely coming through the speakers and it stopped me in my tracks. I’ve never heard anything like it; what an incredible and courageous song. I can’t wait to see what the rest of her career will bring.

Fiona Apple – On The Bound

Discovering Fiona as a teenager when I was shaping my sound as a songwriter was so important. This was the first time I heard a woman at the piano without a traditionally ‘pretty’ voice who wasn’t afraid to be angry. She changed the game for me and I still think she is one of the most important voices in music today.

‘Another Me’ is out tomorrow. Pre-order here.