Growing up in Torrington, Connecticut, as part of a musical household, Sarah Barrios’ journey to becoming an artist shouldn’t be surprising, but like many young music lovers the idea of doing this as a job seems impossible, at first. Turning her talent from songwriting into hits for other artists paid off and now she’s living out her dream, doing it for herself.

With her new single Sarah Barrios gets meta, she’s falling fast and documenting the whole process with her autobiographical lyrics. Love Songs speeds through obsession, daydreams and sleepless nights until its ultimate realisation that being in love isn’t all that bad.

I kept trying to write love songs that were cool, but it turns out, love isn’t cool,” Sarah admits. “It’s cheesy and happy and confusing and scary all at the same time. Once I realised that, writing love songs, wasn’t so hard anymore.” 

Tell us about the inspirations behind your new song Love Songs?

After I experience a breakup and go through those stages of grief and loss, I find myself almost always reminiscing about the good times in the relationship. Writing about love has never really come easy to me, I’ve always tried to make it sound cool and not like a cheesy romcom. But sometimes that’s exactly what it feels like. That can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars kind of feeling. I wrote about the mistakes and the pain and I felt like it was time to write about the love.

Love Songs follows your first two singles, Mourn The Living & I Didn’t Mean To.  There seems to be a strong theme of honest songwriting that laces them all together.  How important is honesty in the music you write about & in the music you listen to of other artists?

Honesty is at the heart of everything I do, or at least I try my best to have it that way. Saying exactly how you feel sounds simple, but the hardest person to be honest with is yourself so it can be tough. I’m learning that, there is strength in vulnerability, and that the more open I am with my feelings and other people, the less alone I feel in them.

If you could replace Love Songs in a moment of a film what moment would it be?

I always imagined the song as that moment where the main character is trying to figure out why they feel off and then realizing “oh god, I think I’m in love.” It’s that first climax of the film where the character is dancing and freaking out all at the same time.

What songs do you have on rotation right now?

I’ve actually been listening to a playlist I made called, “we get it, ur the main character”.  It’s a good mix of Clairo, Hayley Williams, JP Saxe, Beabadoobee, Carlie Hanson, Girl in Red etc. A lot of guitar-driven songs.

Lockdown worldwide seems to be easing. What burning plans do you have?

I don’t think I’ll jump back in immediately, but I’m a big book reader so I’m looking forward to bookstores opening back up. Also the San Pedro Fish Market. That place is INSANE. You can get a whole fried tilapia, homemade corn tortillas, a very large margarita, and then eat it right on the water. I’m excited about going back there again.

Photo credit to Cameron Postforoosh

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