a2852990617_16My Proud Mountain – July 22nd

Lashing back? Or just lashing out? It’s not entirely clear who’s giving or receiving here – but it’s a pummelling either way. Chicago’s fearsome metal producer and electronics shaman Sanford Parker is clearly not in the mood to explain as he unleashes 41 minutes of darkened, twisted noise. At times the lockstep programmed drums and harsh distorted fuzz recalls a nightmarish My Bloody Valentine. Elsewhere the assault is just an exercise in foreboding industrial beats and power dynamics. This album is hard to listen to, impossible to dance to and lacks any sense of a programmatic message. But if you’re patient he redeems it with a simple break midway through ‘Slow Children’, detonating the tune’s glacial monochromatic stuttering into a wild-eyed orchestral flaying of epic proportions.

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