Meet Samson Ashe – a singer-songwriter born and raised in London who won hearts with his track ‘Too Rough’ back in 2017. His most recent track ‘Fun’ is a fasttrack journey back to the happy go lucky nostalgia of being a kid in the 90s. Speaking more on the track Samson Shares:

Fun is a nostalgic ode to childhood when things were more simple and there was no price to who you were because nobody cared…I really miss that. Unapologetically I am who I am and I miss and need that fearless kid that grew up in Stamford Hill…his honestly and unfiltered voice.. I hope the vibe’s captured, please enjoy.”

Hey Samson, How’s it going?

Hey! Its going ok 🙂 ta

How have the last few months been for you?

Pretty much a rollercoaster no? I’ve been cooking more (which I have no business doing lol), hoarding more, writing more, working and trying to read more books but i’m inconsistent.  I’ve been told that I’m good at staying busy (weird face emoji) so I guess something always pops up.

Talk to us about your new track FUN, what do you want people to take from it?

Fun is an ode to nostalgia and childhood. When I was a kid and all that mattered was being friends with big bros friends or buying penny sweets from the corner shop and not having to worry about the petty things we deal as grown ups. When people listen I simply want them to try and take it easy. I think we’ve all been and go through so much when we get older and we forget to relax and not be so hard on ourselves.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?


What else have you got up your sleeve for this year?

More music this year for sure (quiet shout)! And I’m currently working on new projects that I’ll being sharing next year. #quaratinecreativity

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