Hailing from Vienna and now living in Manchester, 20-year-old artist/producer salute is getting well-deserved attention. With a sound that doesn’t fit comfortably into any one genre, there’s nods towards garage, dubstep and grime throughout his work,  yet overall it all seamlessly comes together to create a buzzy electronic-sound grounded in pop vocals.

Take a listen to latest song, a Karma Kid remix of his album track ‘One More Chance’ below:

With his mini-album ‘My Heart’ out now via 37 adventures and a tour in support of Tourist starting this week, we asked salute to share with us five tracks that influence his genre-blurring sound.

Camo & Krooked – Ruhepuls

‘Ruhepuls’ is German for resting heart rate; a perfect way to describe this song as it never quite manages to reach the crescendo it promises in the first minute or so. It is incredibly powerful. Ruhepuls taught me that not every song needs a massive chorus or a hook. I love that idea. ‘Forever’ on the EP follows that exact rule as well; it doesn’t explode into anything unnecessarily heavy, even though it really does have the potential to.

Hiatus Kaiyote – Laputa

Intricacies in music are so much more important than people make them out to be. Laputa proves my point a million times over; all the faint, almost mute artefacts in the background are almost as important as the incredible vocal – as a musician, taking your time to layer weird sounds can turn a song around massively. 

Robert Glasper Experiment – Ah Yeah (feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele)

Never underestimate the power of a good chord progression. Both the vocal line and the piano in ‘Ah Yeah’ are simple, but together, they are painfully intense. Around 2:15, that key change, it makes the entire song. It feels as though the entire song up until that point is waiting to slip into something lush, and the key change does exactly that. Also, pacing up and down the keyboard with your right hand and creating a weird, almost twinkly melody like Robert does at around 3:30 is how I came up with the piano melody in ‘One More Chance’.

Hudson Mohawke – FUSE

A classic. This is one of the more obvious influences, apparent in tracks like ‘Church’ or ‘Storm’. Synths, arpeggios, uplifting chords, huge drums – FUSE is made up of everything a guy like me loves. Hudson Mohawke in particular has taught me that reinventing yourself without losing touch with what defines you in the first place is hard, but massively rewarding. This is something I’ve taken to heart, and something I will hopefully manage to achieve as I develop myself artistically.

Future – Maybach

You wouldn’t necessarily expect Hiatus Kaiyote and Future to be mentioned in the same breath, but such is life. This Metro Boomin produced track screams energy – he manages to make something sonically destructive using 3 elements. This is something he successfully achieves in most of his productions.. War Cry is an ode to that. In a club, the tracks that hit me the hardest are usually the most scarce ones. Who doesn’t like a good slap in the face on the dance floor?

Live: Oval Space – 2nd December (w/ Tourist).
Listen: salute – My Heart.