Self-Release – October 5th

If Saint Sister’s opening flurry of releases emphasised their striking subtlety and aesthetic nuance, then debut album Shape Of Silence represents the broadening and deepening of their approach.

The Dublin-based duo drift across 12 tracks, wisps of sound that pit opaque electronics against the inherent mysticism of Irish traditional music. From the harp inflections of the title track to the eeriness of the aptly named ‘Twin Peaks’, this is a uniquely atmospheric record, akin to watching the lights of a ship come blinking through thick fog.

The heart-rending longing of ‘Half Awake’ bleeds into sub-zero songwriting on haunting finale ‘The Mater’. Never ones to be understood immediately, Shape Of Silence finds Saint Sister posing ever more ornate yet addictive puzzles.

Photo by Rich Gilligan.

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Live: Kings Place on December 12th