Different Recordings – July 6th

If you’re yet to fall under S4U’s spell of 90s RnB and adroit experimentalism, then Heart 2 Say will duly enchant. Here, the London duo retain pop sensibilities à la Lauryn Hill and TLC but launch them firmly into 2018. Opener ‘The Beginning’ (ft. K15, Kelvyn Colt & Line) is a downtempo musing on the technological age. “[A] seamless web of interconnectivity, not sensuality” is spoken over staccato synths and trickling trap beats. It’s one of many avant-garde collaborations that work to further enrich the complex, braided tapestry of Rosita Bonita and Prinz George’s music. There’s darkness on the record (‘Untitled’, ‘Refrain’) but light aplenty, with the bouncing, stonewashed soul of ‘Heart’ and the shuffling ‘Smile’ begging to played in the sun.

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