Royce Wood Junior // In Five


Full of soulful swells and soft r’n’b grooves, with pop sprinkled on top Royce Wood Junior is a newcomer it’s easy to fall for. Having worked with everyone from Kwabs to Jamie Woon, his live show is set to impress as he takes up a three week residency at The Waiting Room from this week. The first is Sold Out so don’t hesitate to grab tickets to the others.

Ahead of the shows he talks us through some tracks he’s enjoying at the moment below:

Nao – Zilionaire (shooty booty)

This is a more brutal heavy soul cut of Nao’s Zillionaire… sweatier and made for basements…

Chagall – TMTL

Great songwriter, Great production on this tune… written produced and performed by the artist… I always like it when it’s one person doing everything..

This track has a wicked backwards beat, the vocalist is anonymous but the track is a slop fest and doesn’t sound like much else…

The Internet – Girl ft. Kaytranada

Great groove on this one, has the exact right amount of wonk, the exact right amount of major 7 jazz pads… probably would’ve been thought of as quite normal and standard in 2004 but since it’s 2015 it feels weirdly innovative.

Lionbabe – wonderwoman (shooty booty)

more musical, more interesting, fatter version of that lion babe tune…


Royce Wood Junior plays The Waiting Room on July 27th, August 5th and August 12th.