Royal Blood – Royal Blood // Album Review

royalbloodWarner Bros – August 25th

Two years ago Royal Blood didn’t exist. Now, there’s little you can do to stop them, as the hyped-up duo from Brighton continue to woo festival-goers with their riff-heavy rock pulsations. The pummelling bass line to ‘Out of the Black’ launches into radio played familiar territory, before jolting into feisty forerunner ‘Come On Over’. Yet the dynamic twosome have some surprises for us yet, with ‘You Can Be So Cruel’ twisting splendidly into a Queens Of The Stone Age-style burst of bone-tingling power. And there’s plenty more where that came from, with ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ snaking into even dirtier and denser rhythmic sections. Royal Blood’s self-titled debut is a slick and explosive creation, plus a sure-fire contender for album of the year.


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