Rosie Lowe // Live Review

rosie lowe

St Pancras Old Church – April 15th

St Pancras Old Church has been a place of worship for well over 1500 years. It has some major history behind it – including being the first place Mary Godwin and Percy Byssche Shelley would secretly meet together – and echoes with the sound of ghosts from the past. Rosie Lowe, on the other hand, is one of the freshest, minimalist acts about with a sound that is almost entirely driven by new technologies and experimentation. On paper, it might seem an odd venue for the 24 year old south London singer, but it is this clash between the old and the new that makes for an incredibly atmospheric and enchanting performance.

The sound stretches across the venue, leaving every crevice of the room enriched with soulful, sultry vocals and layers of synths. At once it seems that this venue was made for Lowe’s wise and often heart-breaking songs. Accompanied by an all-female band that power through the stunning set and as the layers of electronic sound build, we’re completely mesmerised, if not a little haunted.

There is a real intimacy to the set and it feels like a very personal performance for Lowe, not only because it sees her return to her hometown after some time in Paris, but also with how she invites the audience into her world, revealing the meanings behind her songs with an admirable honesty that brings a lump to the throat. Whether it be an altercation with her father or feeling hopeless whilst watching a friend waste time with some who is no good for her, Lowe tells the intimate audience all her hopes and fears as though she were reading from her diary. It is songs such as ‘Nicole’ and ‘Control’ that make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up to attention as the layers of synths build and perfectly entwine with the stripped beats and Lowe’s signature vocals.

‘When The Water Came Down’ and ‘Right Thing’ prove to be crowd favourites, as the familiar beats echo back off the walls of the historic venue. Lowe stands as a preacher in the centre of the stage, demanding the attention of every eye in the room as she elegantly moves with the music in her incredible grey jumpsuit. The evening ends with the overwhelming feeling that her upcoming album, due for release later this year, is going to be something very special indeed.


Live: Oslo – October 28th