Vermilion Records – January 13th

Arriving as the gloom of winter cloaks our days and the world falls apart in front of our disbelieving eyes, Stellular comes laden with oh-so-necessary respite from the malaise, full of comfort and empathy just when we need it most. Sure, Rose paints a vivid picture of a very real London: a “cold and cruel city” full of shady pool halls, drinking too much and “the fear of closing time”, but there’s something profoundly uplifting about this record. Between the never-say-die optimism of “I want a love to lift me up high” (the glorious ‘Space To Be’), the title track’s morale-boosting affirmation “You are stellular”, and the we’ll-face-this-fucker- together of “Let’s go to hell and back again” (‘Hell And Back’), there’s sanctuary and hope offered in this album, and you’d be foolish to not accept it.

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Live: Rough Trade East – January 24th