Rolo Tomassi – Grievances // Album Review

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Experimentally thrusting mathcore down our throats for ten years, Rolo Tomassi bring their anniversary home in style with the release of their ambitious fourth studio album Grievances. Opener ‘Estranged’ is a song hell­bent on applying mayhem, with Eva Spence roaring over an explosion of furious breakdowns between magical musical epilogues, which allow necessary intermissions – and a chance to breath – from the uproar. Although, amid the constructed chaos is beauty; with ‘Chandelier Shiver’ presenting syncopated jazz­-inspired drumbeats and a melodic daydreamy vocal, whilst ‘Stage Knives’ throws down stylishly thought-­out time signatures within juxtaposing choral clashes. Rolo Tomassi have managed to merge together complex muscular grooves with melodic hardcore sensibilities to craft an album that’s the equivalent to perfectly unbalanced musical kryptonite.

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