Photo by Warwick Baker.

Sub Pop – June 15th

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s name feels claustrophobic, like the suffocating feeling of an incoming storm looming on the horizon; the stifling atmosphere before all hell breaks loose. Hope Downs, the Melbourne band’s debut album, feels like both that prelude and the aftermath. Opener ‘An Air Conditioned Man’ is dense and heavy, thick bass perforated by spiky guitar licks as Tom Russo details a growing sense of panic. ‘Bellarine’ is similarly brooding, twin guitars weaving in and out of each other with nagging urgency. On the flipside, ‘Sister’s Jeans’ glimmers with a surf-y lethargy, while closer ‘The Hammer’ is jagged but bright. No matter what mood Rolling Blackouts C.F. are in, you’ll want to weather the storm with them.

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Live: KOKO on October 29th