Róisín Murphy – Hairless Toys // Album Review

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Responsible for one of the best pop albums in recent memory,it has taken eight long years for the former Moloko singer to grace the world with a new full­ length. Hairless Toys is a minimalist affair in comparison to the glossy disco of Overpowered. The killer hooks and punchy production have been kidnapped by an internal logic which slowly reveals itself, turning like a Rubik’s cube from downbeat techno (‘Exploitation’ and ‘House of Glass’) to funky bass à la Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing (‘Uninvited Guest’ and ‘Evil Eyes’). Murphy’s menacing vocals are the pivot point keeping it all together, and she still sounds like she could chew you up and spit you out – cigarette in hand, standing under a palm tree – no problem. Welcome back Róisín, we’ve missed you.

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Live: Eventim Apollo – November 27th