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Roadkill All Dayer

The Roadkill All Dayer is the first of its kind, the night has been running monthly now for over a year and has slowly developed its own little family. This event is basically that crew all slammed on to one crazy line-up. In the sunshine. In Camden. We talk to one of the organisers, Josh Cooper of Heavy Leather Promotions about who the bands are, and why they’re great:

Cosmo House – Cosmo House are breaking away from their usual dive-bar, smoke-filled speakeasy’s to open The Roadkill All Dayer. These guys play the blues like they were born for it and they’re probably some of the most talented musicians I know. They’ve been involved in various ways in Heavy Leather Promotions from the beginning so it seemed fitting to have them kick off proceedings for the festival.

Broken Soundtracks – It wouldn’t be a party without them, Broken Soundtracks are hard to put in a genre but catchy as hell, kinda Suicide meets Jesus and Mary Chain. Psych, surf, techno, punk and straight up goddamn rock n’ roll.

The Sly Persuaders – Neo-Rockabilly outfit The Sly Persuaders have played for us more than any other band, they’ve played several Roadkills and many other events so it really wouldn’t be Heavy Leather without them. 60s crooning with layered blues guitars, organ stabs and thick bass all intertwined with the unparalleled drumming of Mr Alex Bone.

The Venus Lyx – These guys are my newest find and I’m pretty keen on ‘em, The Venus Lyx blend garage rock with blues, psych, surf – all the stuff we love at Roadkill. They have a lot of The Amazing Snakeheads in ‘em but fronted by a younger (angrier) Nick Cave and their stage personas are intense and threating, which we like.

Dirty White Fever – These guys are the real deal, Brighton-based garage rock two-piece with hip-hop break beats. Dirty White Fever are awesome guys to have at any gig, they always give it their all on stage, they’re super dynamic and they’ve great tunes. Loud as Hell too.

Love Buzzard – Another long-time Heavy Leather act, Love Buzzard are real Roadkill favourites, a garage two-piece but these guys infuse disco beats with their surf rock. Fluffer Records, their label, basically taught me everything I know about promoting, Roadkill is very indebted to them, so it’d be a crime not to have them involved in the All Dayer.

Saint Agnes – These guys are absolute heroes and jumped on the bill pretty last minute but totally saved it, and it’s a pleasure to have them on. Saint Agnes are everything Roadkill stands for, they’re brilliant musicians and songwriters, they’ve incredible stage presence, duel vocals and they’re kick-ass guitarists. I really can’t sing their praises enough.

Dedwardians – The penultimate band of the day are Dedwardians, probably the nicest guys on the London live music circuit but they look hard as nails. 50s rockabilly swagger with 80s Matchbox guitars and a hint of glam.

Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux – Headliners Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux are a supercharged concoction of vintage rock n’ roll, psychobilly and straight up fuzzy garage, which makes them a pretty perfect climax for The Roadkill All Dayer. Should be an excellent, noisy finish to top it all off.


The Roadkill All Dayer is on August 9th at The Lock Tavern. Doors are at midday. (Free)