Review // Wampire – Curiosity

Wampire-608x608Wampire – Curiosity
Polyvinyl Records // May 14th

If ‘Curiosity’ is a welding job of big-hitting indierock influences from the other side of The Atlantic, it’s a charmingly botched and haphazard effort. Sure, everything joins together, but there’s enough cracks to let Wampire shine through.

‘Hearse’ canters along, pauses to consider what to do next, then feeds off its own energy for more kinetic kicks. The stop-start rhythms and sweetly deviant misadventure of ‘Giants’ alternates lightsabre duel cacophony with moments of quiet contemplation, whilst the stoner drawl of ‘Magic Light’ closes proceedings in a delightfully drowsy fog. A debut that delivers way more substance than first impressions suggest.

Dave Rowlinson