Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals // Album Review

sleighbellsLucky Number // October 7th

So grating and discordant Joanna Newsom’s wail seems comparatively angelic, Sleigh Bells have never been a pair to turn to casually. A ‘fuck you’ to sonic convention, the aesthetic remains: in ‘Bitter Rivals’, they’ve unleashed something straddling the line between brilliantly compelling and practically unlistenable. At times the aural equivalent of being taunted by Janet Street-Porter on a low-budget game show in the throes of a nightmarish salvia trip, it’s in their less intense songs this collection shines –  the Cults-ish ‘To Hell With You’, the frustratingly catchy ‘Young Legends’ and the, dare we say it, almost sweet ‘Love Sick’.

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