Review // Selebrities – Lovely Things

Selebrities - Lovely Things_hiCascine // Out Now

East-coast-Americans Selebrities first came to prominence with their self-released ‘Ladies Man Effect’ EP in late 2010, and nearly 3 years later they’ve served up their debut LP ‘Lovely Things’. If you don’t know anything about them, then they’ve supported oOoOO, Slow Magic, Jamie Woon and Craft Spells, sharing a large pallet of sounds with their stage buddies. 80’s synth layered with a variety of sample pad noises making them extraordinarily pleasant to listen to. Take the soothing Drive soundtrack-esque ‘Baroque’, or the dancefloor friendly ‘Temporary Touch’, they’re both perfect examples of the addictive pop this three-piece can create. Frustratingly, the album never seems to shift through the gears. The charming ‘Fell To Earth’ demonstrates some of their versatility, but all too often they find themselves sounding flat, padding out the album with similar sounding tracks. It’s difficult to create an album that lasts the distance, something that grows, contorts to tell a story, and Selebrities are unable to quite overcome this. There’s a last gasp urgency with ‘Forged To Be Broken’, but so reminiscent is it of The xx, it sounds only too familiar. Whilst they do the ‘synthy-nostalgic-understated-pop’ thing well, in places, there are plenty of similar artists able to make it sound less tired. All in all, it’s a worthwhile listen, although it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself clamouring to hear it all over again when the final notes of ‘I Could Change’ fade out.

Jack McKenna