Poliça – Shulamith // Album Review

polica albumMemphis Industries // October 21st

Second album syndrome is well documented. It’s an obstacle standing in the way of so many. Luckily for Minneapolis’s Poliça, they’ve shimmied past this obstacle in a blaze of glory. Following up 2012’s deservingly well-received debut, ‘Give You The Ghost’, was always going to be an arduous task, but in ‘Shulamith’ they have a record that comes across with much more urgency than their previous outing. As an album, it personifies their strengths much more than before. They showcase their intenser side with ‘Vegas’, but are equally comfortable attempting to make you dance with their gorgeous R&B in ‘I Need $’. Channy Leaneagh constantly tries to seduce you with her effects-heavy vocals, and not even a guest appearance from Justin Vernon on ‘Tiff’ is able to dissuade your ears from staying attentive to her voice as she floats from one song to the next. It can seem like quite a schizophrenic record, but it is in this unpredictability that it finds its charm. There are only a handful of acts in the world who can make music this enticing, and fortunately for their lucky listeners, Poliça are one of them.

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