Review // Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

Mount KimbieMount Kimbie –  Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

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Before it even had time to breath, “dubstep” became a dirty word, its commercial artificiality inherently at odds with the warmth of the more organic, less neurotic end of the genre’s spectrum. Thankfully, it’s the latter, left-electronic-field Mount Kimbie occupy and, as with their 2010 debut, ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ finds them doing so with an unshakeable sense of serenity. Even within the dizzier, stranger and wonderfully unconventional confines of their new album, it permeates everything – King Krule’s crooning guest vocals, the endlessly rattling percussion and sighing organ keys – leaving a bleak, hollow yet utterly enticing record in its wake.

Lauren Down