Review // Julia Holter – Loud City Song

lcsDomino – August 19th

Anyone who has been lucky enough to come across Julia Holter in last few years is fully aware of how talented she is. With this being her third album, and being released less than two years after her debut, it’s completely inconceivable that someone could repeatedly release such a high standard of music in quick succession. But here stands the Californian, now signed to Domino, with ‘Loud City Song’ ready to be launched upon the world.

Ranging from the weirdly psychedelic ‘Maxim’s II’, through the beautifully minimalist in ‘He’s Running Through My Eyes’, to the explosively classical of ‘Maxim’s I’, it’s a record that refrains from staying in one place too long. It never sounds stale, and is always impressing with it’s incredible palette of influences. The album may come across as a bit hyperactive, but it’s because of this chaotic unpredictability that it holds so much charm. If you’re itching for new material from Feist, or ‘The Haunted Man’ left you desperately seeking more, then this is likely to be one of your favourite albums of 2013.

Jack McKenna

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Live: Cecil Sharp House – August 20th