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Infectious – August 19th

The debut album from Drenge see’s the Sheffield brothers sticking firmly to what they know – bitchy party rock. Yep, the self-titled release boasts gnarly guitars and vocals which after a few pints could be easily mistaken for an angry Josh Homme.

Unlike previous singles ‘Dogmeat’ and ‘Bloodsports’ the record deals a welcome hand of emotion, yet manages not to delve into the swimming pool of cliché. Penultimate track ‘Let’s Pretend’, captures the glorious drum bridges of Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Tonight Tonight’ and features some classic “I don’t give a shit distortion.” Surely a staple for any rock band, but above there’s a real sense of heartbreak behind every untidy note.

Rory and Eoin Loveless started Drenge for a laugh and their early success was completely unexpected. Continuing in this manner ‘Fuckabout’ is quick to shun the hype, showing that the bottom line is that they don’t take themselves too seriously – the opening line relentlessly informs, “This song is a fuckabout… not one to write home about…”.

‘Gun Crazy’ suggests that the encyclopaedia of rock riffs has been called upon, opening with some generic Status Quo guitars, quality is however salvaged upon the arrival of the snarly vocals which kick in like an angry protagonist. ‘Nothing’ carries the intensity of any Jack White track bearing a real blues feel, this is one of many curve balls on the record, refreshing and giving it further strength and ability.

On track angst, sweat and the smell of dirty little punk venue’s pull though, but we all know that Drenge are two terribly modest guys… if there was even a slight whiff of ego about this duo, they could take the UK by storm, hopefully that’ll on release day.

– Rhys Buchanan

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Live: Rough Trade East – August 19th (7pm)