Review // Crushed Beaks – Tropes

cb packshotASL // September 16th

The scuzzy UK garage-rock revival has been simmering away for some time; generous helpings of eye-catching and head-banging outfits are all finding their feet and, although London pair Matthew Poile and Alex Morris have been honing Crushed Beaks’ sound and gaining fans for a good couple of years, the ‘Tropes’ EP is their first proper release. Before you know it you are deeply committed in ‘Feelers” full-blooded, punching chorus, complete with gloriously indulgent drum fills. The title track offers similar reckless abandon, as punk-esque vocal excursions kick back into anthemic “woah-woah’s”, before ‘Lies’ offers some bleary respite to proceedings. ‘Day Residue’ stands out; a screaming riff winds its way above more crashing drums and another knockout chorus, majestically wrapping-up this all-too-short, but thoroughly enjoyable, offering.

George O’Brien

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Live: The Lexington – September 19th