Review // Braids – Flourish // Perish

braids aFull Time Hobby // 19th August

Braids create the kind of music that doesn’t demand but, rather, requires your attention: Delicate and layered with the most intricate of details whilst immersed in Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s captivating vocal. Possibly boasting greater resemblance to Preston’s side project, Blue-Hawaii, than any previous Braids material, its influences are worldwide (though with definite Nordic leanings) and produce a beautifully and painstakingly crafted album. Full of atmosphere, they’re at their best when delving into the richer and heavier side of the electronic edge with which the majority of tracks here are laced. First single, ‘Amends’, flaunts this to especially great effect.

Jess Partridge


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Live: Electrowerkz – 3rd September