Photo by Carly Hoskins.

Father/Daughter Records – May 18th

After two years and a name change Remember Sports – both an inquisition and an imperative – return. Slow Buzz, which comes via ever-loving US indie home Father/Daughter, is the Philadelphia-based four-piece’s third LP and their most rambunctious and life-affirming to date. Yet below all the punk-fueled fun, which at times recalls The Libertines and at others effortlessly conjures beat-up Converse and grazed knees (see the explosion in ‘Otherwise’), there is a melancholy which comes from the album’s central break-up theme: ‘No Going Back’ is perhaps the best example of this, as Carmen Perry’s vocal and songwriting prowess is allowed to shine through with all the brilliant bedroom, garage feel that puts Remember Sports towards the very top of the pack. Remember the name, Slow Buzz is fast fun with disguised depths.

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