As Rebecka Reinhard gears up to release her new EP Whale later this month, we caught up with her to talk five tracks that have influenced and inspired her. 

Over the course of her latest single ‘No Release’, Reinhard’s sound rises from delicate folk-tinged intonations to expansive psych-rock via shimmering lo-fi pop. The track encapsulates the richly nuanced sonic range within her music as she crafts intricately nuanced dream-pop imbued with vibrancy and emotivity.

Speaking on ‘No Release’ Reinhard expresses, “This song is where all the parts of me that are ever tired, hurt, worn out and fed up get to have their say. Tell their ugly version of the story. But it’s not a wallowing in self-pity. It’s a slow, rumbling war cry. An anthem being pushed relentlessly towards the edge of the cliff and finally hurled into the void.”

‘No Release’ is the second single to be taken from the Bristol-based Swedish artist’s upcoming new EP due out August 21st.

Get to know Rebecka Reinhard In Five…

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – What if we all stopped paying taxes?

I owe all and everything that I know and love about music to the black community, and to the legacy of black women especially. Sharon Jones, Rest In Power, created music that makes me want to cry, dance and laugh all at the same time.

Deerhoof – Lightning Rod, Run

I’m a sucker for weird time signatures, which manifests itself in ‘A Pick’. Mixing several of them in one song – even better. Deerhoof are king at this, with Greg Saunier’s drumming being like a whole new genre in itself. Their extensive discography has been an inspiration to me for more than half my life and their music has all the stuff that gets me off: weirdness, fun, tension, pop melodies and dissonance all in just 2:15 minutes.

Eric Malmberg – Till minne av Lilly Lindström

Swedish organ psych-folk. I’ve come back to this album a lot over the years. One of Sweden’s most underrated artists in my opinion. Making a song build up and just grow and grow while holding that tension is such an art and I absolutely love it.

Lower Dens – Tea Lights

Simple, beautiful, addictive. And then the unexpected key change with wailing guitars. They have a way of mixing the gorgeous with the jarring that makes my heart melt.

Courtney Barnett – History Eraser

This way of writing lyrics has always been very appealing to me. It’s like a stream of consciousness that feels both intimate, uncontrived and funny. Combined with a catchy chorus – what’s not love?

‘Whale’ EP is out August 21st.