Village Underground  – May 31st 2018

Raye broke into the UK music scene last year when she featured on Jax Jones single ‘You don’t know.’ Since then she has come on leaps and bounds and it was evident last night at Village Underground.

There was an air of anticipation before the gig as the excitement was building, there was no big openers or warm-ups but the crowd was clearly buzzing waiting for the south Londoner to take the stage. Backed up by her school friends and band members, Raye came on the stage donning a leather jacket and infectious smile to the beat of ‘Crew.’ The leather jacket soon came off  as she became more comfortable in the environment.

A few upbeat songs got the crowd dancing, but she slowed the vibe down with her new song More or Less. It was evident that Raye was soaking in the atmosphere. At times the 19-year-old seemed shocked to be performing in front of so many people.

She continued to slow melodic vibe, stripping back Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’ and Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Sober’. Anyone would be brave to cover those two hit songs but not only did she do the songs justice, she owned them. Sampling new songs from Side Tape brought the energy back and had the crowd dancing again. While she owned the stage and the room during songs, in between songs she kept looking backstage and it was clear she was understandably nervous.

The crowd were singing along to every word and were dancing around especially when Kojo Fund and Jax Jones came on. Raye rawness was evident last night but so is her talent. She is a star in the making.

Side Tape – RAYE