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Some of the best artists/bands in psych heaviness, space rock, synth craziness, left field electronica and much more come together to play the appropriately named Raw Power festival this month. Taking place across two venues in North London’s Tufnell Park; The Dome and The Boston Arms it’s 3 days full of mind bending and mind opening music.

After 2011’s years roaring success for the festival Corsica Studios’ Baba Yaga’s Hut has pulled together another incredible line-up to educate you in the best of the outsiders. To give you an even better idea of what your in for we’ve got festival organiser Anthony Chalmers to talk about some of the acts you might not know about already.

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The Comet is Coming – Neon Baby

You might have heard of the Brighton duo Soccer 96. Combining fantastic drumming with bass and synth sounds into something both cosmic and dancey. You might also have heard of Shabaka Hutching, award winning Saxophone player in Sons of Kemet and Melt Yourself Down. But there’s every chance you don’t know that they perform together as The Comet is Coming, having only played a handful of shows so far. However judging from their incredible performance at Milheos de Festa in July that I managed to catch you should be excited indeed.

Shopping – Long Way Home

In my opinion Shopping are perhaps the stand out new London band from 2012 / 2013. All the members had been (and still are in) many other bands, with Trash Kit, Wet Dog, Gold Bars and others playing a part in the bands history. But from their first shows, it just seemed that this really was THE ONE.

Already they’ve managed to release an incredible debut album, having toured the country and the continent too:

Richard Pinhas

A bit of a coo for the weekender we have Richard Pinhas coming over to London for his first show here in at least 20 years.

A favourite of several of the bands playing the festival and based on the recordings of his set in Newcastle at Tusk Festival we have something really great to look forward too. He will be playing solo guitar but his recent collaboration with Etienne of Zombie Zombie is well worth checking out too.

Shabash – The Witch’s Dream

Shabash’s meditative, looped solo violin compositions have been getting under my skin for a long while now. There isn’t really anyone else in London right now making music  like hers. Opening the festival on Saturday she’s a very good reason to get down early for.

Xaviers – Saint Jordan

Featuring 3 members of Bo Ningen and one Kenichi of Blood Music/Krautrock Karaoke Xaviers are a truly storming live band very much in the tradition of early Bo Ningen. Despite not actually having any recordings they were picked to tour with Wire and have been Baba Yaga’s Hut favourites for some time now.

Much more just friends getting together, having a good time and making a racket than a band with any ambition, and they are all the better for it. Head to their soundcloud where you can listen to their sets in full on each of the dates they supported Wire. Each a different set.


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