After meticulously honing his talent Ragz Originale is coming out from behind the scenes with his first studio album, Nature, which is out on October 12. We caught up with the West Londoner, to find out about a few tracks that influenced his sound.

Ragz produced the genre-defining genre defining track ‘Shutdown’ by Skepta, which had an insane ripple effect on the scene. Since the he has worked on his solo stuff which is more left-leaning and downtempo.

The project is entirely produced by himself and it was exec produced by Kews, who worked on Solange’s and Loyle Carner’s most recent albums. His single ‘Disaronno Straight’ dropped a few weeks back and gives a taster of the album.

The energy of the album focuses around women, Ragz himself says that “the record tells a story from my conscience, based on experiences we go through with women. They are the backbones in our lives. Whether it’s your mother or your soulmate.”


Growing up in a musical family, Ragz’s grew up listening to everything from jazz, country and gospel music to old school RnB and Grime. This eclectic taste in music is evident in the in a few tracks that have influenced the album and his sound.

Jamie XX – Girl

This is a bit of an older song but it’s still wicked. I heard it a few times ages ago and thought ‘what’s this weird song, I like it’. There’s this real East London feel to it and it reminded of me when I was younger. When I hear this song, especially the melodies, I just think everything is going to be alright. Girl inspired En Route on my album. It was the first song I made for it, so it was a real breaking point.


Laura groves – Mystic

Laura Groves is one of my favourite artists, if not my favourite. Mystic inspired the album so much, especially in terms of the melodies. The way she puts harmonies together makes it feel like you’re floating. Her vocal production is so innovative, but she does it in a tasteful and soulful way. She has really inspired my melodies.


Wayne wonder – Saddest Day

This is a classic old school tune inspired the attitude on the melodic songs. I would say the album is a Bassline album, there is a consistent heavy Bassline. Wayne Wonder’s delivery and style mixed with the old school dub play, which I love, influenced the way I made the album.


Tame impala – Eventually

I really love this tune, especially the energy and how big it is. This album by Tame Impala is perfect.


Flying lotus – Coronus, The Terminator

I love the way Flying Lotus puts his music together. He sort of does whatever he wants but in a very technical way. He makes it look so easy. The video for this is wicked and it inspired what I wanted to make.

I listen to a lot of different, crazy music. People may listen to my music and read this and think it doesn’t sound like it at all. It’s weird where you get inspiration from.

‘She Said Run’ is out now.