Atlantic Records – 2nd February

Folk-pop darling Rae Morris has returned with an electronically ethereal second album, Someone Out There. With her mesmerising vocals and electronic expertise colliding, the result is something simply stunning. Jumping from bouncing pop tunes to intimate ballads, Morris’s unique tone and voice seems to adapt to any soundscape with ease.

Following the release of her critically-acclaimed debut in 2015 it seems like Rae Morris has learnt a lot, by having an input of all creative aspects of her newest release and pulling them off with aplomb. From the lyrics and music, to the stunning cover image and her music videos, it seems like the album marks a growth for the artist. This poignantly-written collection of songs seem even more special when knowing that Morris and her co-writer Fryars fell in love while creating the album, as songs begin to unfold as a series of messages between the two.

The album opens with ‘Push Me To My Limit’, with a Brian Eno-esque synth-heavy background ambience which creates a platform for Morris to allow her vocals to shine through. This then leads into ‘Reborn’; she sings “these are new beginnings” as the song breaks into its mesemiring chorus. The layering vocals paired with electronic drive gives the song a undeniable sense of momentum.

Single ‘Atletico’ has bouncing, popping synths as Morris’s vocal gymnastics ring through, while ‘Do It’ was bound to have commercial success with its catchy chorus and dream-pop electronics. Meanwhile, ‘Lower the Tone’ has an intimacy to it, with just a vocoder and minimal effects. Another standout is ‘Dip My Toe’, which has a playful feel to it with its progression; her effervescent voice shines through as it jumps into the catchy chorus. It drives forward this idea of discovering love and new love, perhaps indicative of her blossoming romance behind-the-scenes. Carrying on with that sentiment, is the delicate ‘Someone Out There’ which just lets the vocals shine through again.

This technicolored, varied collection of songs drifts between electronic-pop hits to intimate ballads, all with Morris’s stunning voice at the forefront. With a story of love behind it, the album encapsulates the fear, the magic and the excitement of a new relationship blossoming. It’s a fresh new favourite for the start of this year.

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Live: Heaven – 28th March