Radkey – Dark Black Makeup // Album Review

96092Little Man Records – out now

Born out of boredom and jams in a lower-class neighbourhood of Missouri, three home-schooled siblings are now on the verge of greatness, with their debut album Dark Black Makeup signifying a wake up call of Americanised punk-rock clamour. It’s true that on first inspection their sound is reminiscent of the Danzig-Misfits-era, yet Radkey hold far more promise than becoming just another fail-safe noise cartel to make a quick buck. For a trio only just veering into their twenties the album holds overarching themes of leaving adolescence behind, with tracks such as ‘Feed My Pain’ inhabiting a world of student and teacher affairs. Then with snarly attitude and striking brotherly camaraderie they kick- start a small-scale rebellion; ‘Romance Dawn’ is the standout hit of an album that will re-ignite a new-breed of diehard punk fans.

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