Rachel Lipsitz // LiS Photographer Series

This week we’re featuring Rachel Lipsitz, who’s been shooting for London in Stereo since the start! Rachel is a phenomenal photographer and takes on any shows we throw at her, and brings her unique eye to her shoots. Check out some of her favourite shoots and shows below.
Boys Forever at The Finsbury, 2016
I loved this shoot behind the Finsbury pub with Patrick Doyle in 2016. The small bike was funny among the backyard debris and he was into it. We talked a lot about California (where I’m from) and where he was living after this. Tragically, he passed away in 2018. I’m still shocked by that and glad I got to know him, even a tiny bit, because of this shoot.
Lauran Hibberd at Camden Assembly, 2020
This was a last minute show for me and my first time at Camden Assembly since it was Barfly. We did some portraits there in the afternoon and I have to admit, I didn’t realize what a following she has. It was cool to see and made me feel about 100 years old around all these teenagers. But it reminded me of going to see my first shows with friends, in my teens and 20s and felt totally innocent and refreshing to my jaded mind!
Du Blonde at The Lexington, 2019
I was a huge fan of Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny so it was great to see she was performing again, now as Du Blonde. We did a few photos before her show at The Lexington last year and to my surprise, she wasn’t too cool (i always think bands will be) but was actually super warm and goofy. This made it easy to experiment with speedlight and a prism and the bar’s mirror to get some neat effects.
Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire at The Lexington, 2016
What can i say? Living legend (not hyperbole) Billy Childish has always been the real deal and seeing him live reminds you that any band not wearing a Davy Crockett getup just isn’t worth it. Supposedly, due to the superior (vintage?) sounds system, he played a lot at The Dome in Tufnell Park in the mid oughts. Having just moved to London, I lucked out and saw many of these shows before he seemingly stopped playing. In 2016, he did a double header at The Lexington, playing an afternoon and an evening show (and, to my knowledge, nothing live since then). Of course it was epic, including Headcoats songs, Who covers and bangers from many of his bands you’d expect . Let’s hope it’s not another 9 years before we’re treated to another live show!
Liam Finn at The Lexington, 2014
I’ve been a Liam Finn fan since I listened to his debut, I’ll be Lightning, nonstop in 2007. Another artist who’s live show is the best way to experience him, I was lucky enough to see him a lot 10 or so years ago. His Elliott Smith-like vocals belie his real talent which is being an insanely compelling performer. Switching from vocals to drums (where he’s a force to be reckoned with), being hilarious as a frontman, and bringing friends, including Connan Mockasin onstage, these shows always feel like a party. This photo is from a 2 days residency he did at The Lexington in 2014.  it’s challenging and fun, in equal measure, shooting Liam Finn shows because every second is an opportunity for a good shot and I miss a lot but I was I happy I got one here.
Rachel specializes in music and portrait shoots and is available for any related projects. Have a look at her portfolio at http://www.littletrousers.com , and get in touch with her on Instagram and Twitter.