100359Mexican Summer – February 26th

Quilt’s latest album Plaza is such a varied patchwork of multi-layered folk, Americana, twiddling psych and choral music that at times I had to flick back to check I was still listening to the same band. Evoking a sound of campestral serendipity and tawny shimmer, it’s a sharply executed album that reeks of wanderlust, while staying rooted at its core in catchy riffs and appealing melodies. Seamless windswept blossoming on ‘Elliot Street’ follows autumnal tumult on ‘Roller’, whilst ‘Searching For’ is a lush sixties-infused pop ditty and ‘O’Conner’s Barn’ hints at influences from Warpaint and Waxahatchee. Threadbare but buoyant, there’s a feeling of happenstance in its felicity and sentiment, a quelled sense of exploration as the day rolls by and the road opens up.

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Live: Hoxton Bar and Kitchen – May 16th