Pulled Apart By Horses // In Five

Pulled Apart By Horses share five of their favourite tracks ahead of playing the next Fluffer Pit Party.

Over the course of a decade, four studio albums and countless tours, Leeds four-piece Pulled Apart By Horses have secured their status as one of the most exciting indie rock bands around today.

The band will be taking over the Hackney Arts Centre on 4th May for the next Fluffer Pit Party, where artists perform on a big 360 degree stage in the middle of the venue, surrounded by the audience. Also joining the line-up are Husky Loops, Baba Naga and Girls in Synthesis.

Ahead of the gig, we asked Pulled Apart By Horses’ James to run us through five of his favourite songs.


Radiohead – Just

This was a track I overheard on the radio when I was a tiny snot faced brat. It turned me onto guitar music in a big way in an absolute instant. I’ve been a big fan of them ever since and love pretty much everything they’ve ever done from old to new.

Frank Zappa – Willie The Pimp

After powering through my childhood discovering loads of 90’s guitar bands, I slowly started delving back further into my Uncles record collection and discovered Frank Zappa. He’s one of a kind and so is Captain Beefheart who also features on this tune. He wails and screeches his way through this epic track from Hot Rats and I love it!

Add N to X – Metal Fingers In My Body

Brutal, trashy and chaotic. Add N to X are mind blowingly awesome. It’s full on electronic bass abuse. I picked up a Bass after hearing this for the first time and I literally used to sit and stomp away for hours to it.

The Fall – Blindness

Was gutted to learn of Mark E Smith passing away this year. I’m a big fan of The Fall and this tune is without a doubt my favourite from their HUGE back catalogue. Big inspiration of mine.

The Jesus Lizard – Then Comes Dudley

My all-time favourite Jesus lizard track right here. I still can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about this track just instils joy in me. It’s proper menacing, dark and dynamic. David Yow is a bit of a superhero to me. They’ve been a firm favourite of mine since I first discovered them. Massive influence to me.

Pulled Apart By Horses play the next Fluffer Pit Party on 4th May.