Cinematic Music Group – February 23rd 

Enthusiasts of such time-honoured rock excess (wild all-nighters, band punch-ups, narcotics) that implosion seemed inevitable, New York’s Public Access TV found stability through rehab and restraint prior to their second album. But would temperance curb the creative dynamic of a quartet who shared more with their city’s late-Seventies scenesters than just a preference for hedonism over hygiene? Happily not. Street Safari is brimful with melodious new wave and catchy white funk that sits alongside the best Big Apple pop. Anti-army rocker ‘Rough Boy’ sounds like the Ramones might’ve if they’d learned to play; ‘Metrotech’ grooves with a Tina Weymouth cool; ‘Lost in the Game’ ups the feel-good factor to full-Kid Creole; while ‘Shell No 2’ could have been penned in the Brill Building. Seems there’s something to be said for sobriety after all.

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Live: Rough Trade East on February 23rd