Domino Records – September 29th

In a decade’s time it will be interesting to see if Donald Trump’s term in office correlates with the birth of the next wave of great US post punk bands. Surely, for Protomartyr, their cup runneth over for social injustices and corrupt systems to knock bloody in 2017’s fractured America, and yet Relatives In Descent sees Michigan’s malcontents sounding the most optimistic of their career. Joe Casey’s hangdog poetry remains the focal point of their sound as he ruminates on ageing (‘The Chuckler’), legacy (‘My Children’) and class oppression (‘Up The Tower’). It’s all as rich in love as it is in violence, and backed with the same crackling sonics that elevated their efforts above the pretenders on The Agent Intellect.

Buy: Protomartyr – Relatives In Descent

Live: Rough Trade East on November 13th and The Dome Tufnell Park on November 14th