Listen to ‘Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv’, the new single from Belgian cyber-pop duo Promis3

Promis3 are Andras Vleminckx & Brent Dielen, the queer Belgian duo making mind-bending and ethereal cyborg-pop for fans of the likes of Hannah Diamond and Sega Bodega. Today they drop their latest single, the mesmerising ‘Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv’, available as a Bandcamp exclusive until Friday.

After attracting attention with last year’s cover of Eiffel 65’s ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ and June 2020 single Simulated Paradise, Promis3 are back with a glitchy, dreamy, futuristic bang, unpacking how the demise of a relationship can open a pandora’s box of uncertainty and secrecy.

On their new single, Promis3 say:

“With ‘Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv’ we want to take the listener through a trip of desire, secrecy and heartbreak and tackle subjects like synesthesia, addiction and demise.”

With the release of their latest single, Promis3 deliver our latest In Short, looking back on liberating live shows, partying in historic forts and watching SOPHIE’s livestream on repeat…

Three words to describe our music
nostalgic, futuristic & melancholic

The last photo on our phone
This stage decor we’ve designed and installed
Favourite Instagram accounts
@chrometype & @y2kaesthetic for visual inspiration
@airportstyles & @influencersinthewild for your dose of entertainment

The first artist you saw live
Andras: I don’t remember an artist in particular but I remember sneaking out of the house when I was 14 or 15 to go to underground drum & bass parties with all kinds of artists from the UK scene like Calibre, Dillinja, Digital & Spirit. I also remember going to see MJ Cole play in a small basement in Antwerp when I was 15 (I still have the poster signed by him).

Brent: My first real concert was Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour. I remember being pretty secretive about going because I didn’t want people to judge me for listening to or liking her music; at the time in my neighbourhood it was considered “gay and stupid”. It was an eye opening moment for me to see so many young, queer people celebrate togetherness, coming from a small town where being gay wasn’t celebrated at all. The visual spectacle was so immersive that it sparked that drive inside to create my own universe one day.

Favourite label
Probably PC music. We really love what they are putting out, their creative direction, and how diverse their roster is.

The best venue to play
Andras: a DJ set I did in Motion in Bristol, which is an exciting industrial warehouse with like 7 different spaces. I played in The Tunnel, such a cool and intimate room.
The best venue to party at

A historic military fort near Antwerp where we went to a Halloween party from the Drag Me to Hell! collective.


Most underrated producer
Good question, there’s just sooo many, the talent putting incredible music out nowadays is really overwhelming. I regularly get lost into Soundcloud and Spotify wormholes just by checking the “fans also like” sections of producers like Vegyn, Oli XL, Sega Bodega…

Best track to save a flagging dance floor
Yaeji – Raingurl

An artist you’d recommend to fans of your own music
Glaive, recently discovered him through Spotify’s hyperpop playlist, really cool & unique sounding take on pop music.

A track you’re listening to on repeat
Sophie’s livestream heav3n suspended and KDA – Just Say (ft. Tinashe) 

A record that cheers you up
Laurent Garnier & Chambray – Feelin’ Good and Robyn – Between The Lines

Three artists you’d book to play your birthday party
ABBA, Madonna, Aphex Twin (and Boards of Canada for the afters)

Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv is available exclusively on Bandcamp until Friday October 31st.