Project Pablo – There’s Always More At The Store // EP Review

Technicolour – April 6th

Ninja Tune, and more specifically Technicolour, continue their winning streak into 2018, once again under the languorous command of Montreal DJ, Project Pablo. In contrast to last year’s Hope You’re Well, this collection of tracks are uncluttered, stripped back and minimalistic in approach, resulting in a concise and purposeful twenty- five minutes.

From the pulsating hypnotism of ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ to ‘Last Day’s devastatingly sparse keys, There’s Always More At The Store makes for a gorgeously varied trip throughout. But it’s final track ‘I Heard You Breathing’, an eight-and-a-half-minute melancholy monster, that aligns faint, foreboding horror movie strings with clattering percussion and a glorious pay off. Less is obviously more in the right hands, and Project Pablo crucially demonstrates the most delicate of touches.

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Live: Phonox on May 27th